This recommendations concern all blog themes like “Blog Theme”(without target), “Girl Style” and “Baby Blog”(with targets).

The ease of setup was one of the main focues of this theme, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting your site up and running in no time.

Let’s see how you should setup some of the custom features of Alizee Pro.

1. Recommended plugins

  • The Custom Fields Suite plugin is needed only if you want to use post formats on your blog. Install it and and go to Field Groups > Tools > Import tab and paste the code found here.
  • Regenerate Thumbnails – you should also install and run this plugin to regenerate your thumbnails.

2. General settings

The general settings tab can be reached at Customizer > General. It provides some options to add your custom logo, your custom favicon or simply disable the custom scroller.

3. Layout

Take control of your layout using the Customizer > Layout tab. Simply choose the desired number of columns you want for your grid of posts, or choose one column to disable the grid completely. Alizee Pro also brings an option that you cannot find in the free version, which is a checkbox that enables the same layout from the home page on categories, archives, tags etc.

4. Slider

The Slider is another addition that the pro version of Alizee brings to you. It can be used to display posts in style from a category that you choose. The slider options are found at Customizer > Slider. You’ll find options to activate the slider, set the maximum number of posts to be displayed, set the slideshow speed and set the animation speed.

5. Single posts/pages

This tab can be found at Customizer > Single posts/pages. Three options are available here:

  1. featured images on posts: activate it to show your featured images on single posts;
  2. featured images on pages: activate it to show your featured images on pages;
  3. author bio: activate it to display your author bio. Make sure you set up a description of yourself and some social links from your dashboard at Users > Your profile.

6. Post colors

If you like colors, Alizee Pro is the theme for you. Go to Customizer > Post Colors and activate the option found there. You index and archives posts will automatically get a scheme of six colors. You can change the color scheme from the same tab to whatever set of colors you feel that will be most fitted for your blog.

7. Post formats

In order to display post formats on your pages, you need to use the Custom Fields Suite plugin, which was mentioned in the first chapter of this guide. Import the data provided and start creating posts with the format you want. Choose a format and save your post and you`ll notice that some custom fields will show up in the post editor screen. Fill them up and you’re ready to go.

8. Page templates

Alizee Pro provides three page templates that you can use to add an extra bit of style to your blog: Full Width, About me and Instagram. The first two are pretty straightforward, so we`re going to describe just the Instagram page template.

This is how you would set up your Instagram page:

  • Create a new page and choose the Instagram page template. Give it a title and leave the content blank, you don`t need to add anything in the editor.
  • Visit this link to authorize the app for Instagram. You`ll notice that a userID and an accesToken show up.
  • Go to Customizer > Instagram, check the box to activate Instagram and fill in the fields found there with the userID and accesToken you got at the previous step.
  • That’s it! Enjoy a page that displays your latest photos from Instagram.

9. Fonts

Alizee Pro takes the font list a bit further than the one included in the free version of this theme, and lets you choose between 100 of the fonts that Google has to offer. You can find this setting at Customizer > Fonts.