Setting a static front page – GreatMag

Setting a static front page allows you to add static content on your homepage. This is what you want to do to create a business homepage instead of a list of blog posts.

Please note:

  • the demo content is imported on the sites. No need to create them because you already have them.

  • the page template called Builder can be use on any page you want, not just the homepage.


Adding rows&widgets to your pages – GreatMag

Using the Page Builder, you can add widgets inside rows and quickly create your homepage (or any other page that you wish to build with the Page Builder). Follow the video below to find out how you  can do this:

Setting category colors – GreatMag

With GreatMag, each of your category labels can have its own individual color. To set it up, you just need to visit the Customizer as it is shown in the following video:

Editor’s choice section – GreatMag

The Editor’s Choice section is basically a carousel of posts that shows up on all your pages. Find out how to set it up in the video below.

Social icons – GreatMag

You can add links to your profiles on some of the most important social networks. These links will show up in the header of your website. Follow the video below for help.

Selecting fonts – GreatMag

GreatMag offers easy access to the whole Google Fonts collection. You get to manually pick the font family, sets, weights etc., this way you can have full control over the way you’re loading your fonts.

Using menu icons – GreatMag

In the following video you will learn how to assign icons and the hot label for your menu items.

You can find the list of icons here.

Post templates – GreatMag

Post templates can be assigned individually for each of your posts. See how in the following video:

Extra widgets – GreatMag

The following video presents the extra widgets that are available in GreatMag.