Setting a static front page – Talon

Setting a static front page allows you to add static content on your homepage. This is what you want to do to create a business homepage instead of a list of blog posts.

Please note:

  • the demo content is imported on the sites. No need to create them because you already have them.
  • the page template called Page Builder can be use on any page you want, not just the homepage.

Creating services, employees, clients, projects and testimonials – Talon

Services, employees, clients, projects and testimonials are custom post types. They are like regular posts but are only used to create content organized by type and to display a certain type of content in a corresponding widget.

To be able to create these custom post types, you’ll need to have the  aThemes Toolbox plugin installed. Follow the video below to learn how you can create your custom content.

Adding rows&widgets to your pages – Talon

Using the Page Builder, you can add widgets inside rows and quickly create your homepage (or any other page that you wish to build with the Page Builder). Follow the video below to find out how you  can do this:

Row and widget styling – Talon

Row styling includes setting a background color or image, setting a color and more. This video shows you all you need to know about individual row styling.

Selecting fonts – Talon

Talon offers easy access to the whole Google Fonts collection. You get to manually pick the font family, sets, weights etc., this way you can have full control over the way you’re loading your fonts.

Setting anchors – Talon

See how you can create anchors and link to them from the menu or other buttons. This is how you would achieve same page scrolling.

Image sizes guide – Talon

Here are the image sizes used throughout the Talon theme:

  1. Slider: there is no registered image size for the slider, but it is recommended that you use images of around 1920×1080 pixels. Considering that these images tend to have a large file size, it is recommended that you optimize them with Kraken or a similar service.
  2. Services, employees, clients: the image size is 200 x (auto height). The handle is talon-home-small.
  3. Projects, home blog widget: the image size is 280 x 280px (cropped). The handle is talon-home-large.
  4. Testimonials: the image size is cropped at 36 x 36px. There is no handle.
Please note: if you want, you can change these image sizes by using a plugin called Simple Image Sizes.

Icons – Talon

Here you can find all the theme bundled icons.

If you want more icons, all you need to do is go to Customize > Icons and add a CDN link to the icon pack you want to load. A popular examples is  here.

Please note: To use the new icons you’ve loaded manually, please refer to their documentation. For example, if you load FontAwesome: instead of adding in the formaticon-mobile, you’ll be adding in the format fa fa-flag.

Slider header setup – Talon

With Talon Pro you can add a shortcode for your favorite slider or video plugin and display it in the header, thus replacing the default slider. You can also add an individual shortcode for each of your pages.

Extra widgets in Talon

A tour of the new widgets included in Talon Pro. Just the extra ones are presented in this video.

New options in Talon

In this video you can have a look at the new options we’ve added in the Customizer for Talon.

New page builder options – Talon

We’ve added some new options in Talon as part of our integration with the Page Builder plugin. You can see these new options do in the following video:

Single page options – Talon

Single page options are also present in Talon. You can change the background color for each individual page and much more.