Setting a static front page

Setting a static front page allows you to add static content on your homepage. This is what you want to do to create a business homepage instead of a list of blog posts.

Please note:

  • the demo content is imported on the sites. No need to create them because you already have them.

  • the page template called Front Page can be use on any page you want, not just the homepage.


Creating services, employees, clients, projects and testimonials

Services, employees, clients, projects and testimonials are custom post types. They are like regular posts but are only used to create content organized by type and to display a certain type of content in a corresponding widget.

To be able to create these custom post types, you’ll need to have the Sydney Toolbox plugin installed. Follow the video below to learn how you can create your custom content.

Adding rows & widgets to your pages

Using the Page Builder, you can add widgets inside rows and quickly create your homepage (or any other page that you wish to build with the Page Builder). Follow the video below to find out how you  can do this:

Row styling

Row styling includes setting a background color or image, setting a color and more. This video shows you all you need to know about individual row styling.

Selecting fonts

Sydney offers easy access to the whole Google Fonts collection. You get to manually pick the font family, sets, weights etc., this way you can have full control over the way you’re loading your fonts.

              &copy;YourCompany. Find out more <a href="">here</a>

Display your contact info in the header

If you want to display some contact info in your header, simply go to Customize > Sydney Pro options > Header Contact Info, fill out your info, style if needed and then activate.

Adding a global widget area under the header

A global widget area works great if you want to communicate a message throughout your whole site.


1. Go to Customize > Sydney Pro options > Extra Widget Area to activate and style your new widget area.

2. Go to Appearance > Widgets and add the widget you want in the Below Header Area that you can see in the image below.

Single post/page options

To style posts or pages individually, simply go to Edit Post (Edit Page) and find the options illustrated in the screenshot below

Extra widgets in Sydney

Four extra widgets are available in Sydney.


  • Go to to Timeline Events and click on Add New Event;

  • Add the post title and content just as you normally would, then scroll down and fill the timeline info you need like it is shown below:

  • Add the timeline widget in the Page Builder, just like you did for all other widgets.


Just like you did for all other widgets, locate the Sydney FP: Contact widget and add it in the Page Builder, then start configuring it:

Employees&Latest News

You already know the original versions of these two widgets from the free theme. The difference between the original versions is that now you can display the employees widget in a grid and the latest news widget in a carousel. Look for Sydney FP: Employees B and Sydney FP: Latest News B in your widget list.